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Dt swiss road disc wheels

Dt swiss road disc wheels Whether for MTB, road or cyclocross, DT Swiss wheels are light, aerodynamic, fast and reliable. Building on. DT Swiss G 1800 Spline® 25 28" Disc Wheelset.DT Swiss Laufräder & Teile ✓ Im Bike-Discount Shop finden Sie alles von DT Swiss ✓ Speichen, Naben. DT Swiss G 1800 Spline® 25 28" Disc Laufradsatz. DT Swiss 180 Road Straightpull CL 12x142mm HR Nabe. zurück; Rollentrainer anzeigen · Wheel-On Rollentrainer · Freie Rollentrainer · Direktantrieb · Reifen.Read all about DT Swiss's Aero wheels here. DT Swiss tested its ARC 1100 Dicut 48 in both rim and disc brake versions and found the equivalent of a two watt difference overall, the disc brake version producing slightly more drag at all yaw angles. DT Swiss puts this down to the larger hubs necessary for the disc brakes. ARC 1100 Dicut — £.DT Swiss alloy rims are among the highest quality in the industry. As with all DT Swiss products every aspect of the rim from metallurgy to durability and. Trading strategy long term als. Superleichte und aerodynamische Laufräder aus Carbon und Alu.Jul 04, 2018 Our five wheel categories form the basis for the road wheel line-up 2019. Each individual DT Swiss wheelset has been developed for a specific application and accordingly assigned to one of the five categories. This unique and benchmark setting concept secures that every ambitious rider can find the ideal wheelset in our selection.Items 1 - 28 of 63. DT Swiss 15mm to Quick Release Rear Wheel Adaptor Kit 135mm. .99. DT Swiss PRC1400 Spline Disc 35mm 700c Multiaxle Carbon W.

Brand DT Swiss Online Shop Bike-Discount

Available with a 65 mm deep and a 35 mm deep rim, both as a rim brake and a disc brake version, these wheels leave nothing to be desired.With a class leading light-stiff-reliable ration they are just the right tool for you to race: your competition, your friends or up a lonely mountain pass.65 was developed to be a “do it all” performance wheel: Tested in the wind tunnel, with our professional race teams and in countless test lab hours it emerged fast and reliable. Option world binary options lyrics. A smooth straightpull SPLINE hub as well as the wide tire and tubeless compatible rims provide excellent rolling performance and comfort.Equipped with disc brakes and the 36T DT Swiss Ratchet System it features superb braking performance and quick engagement to precisely time your attack. High end, bladed straightpull spokes and the most reliable and lightweight freewheel system make for an efficient ride.Offering the perfect blend of comfort, grip and lightweight in combination with a higher volume tire, the wide and stiff full carbon rims accelerate with the best of them.

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Dt swiss road disc wheels Equipped with disc brakes it will stop on a dime all the time.So the PRC 1400 SPLINE wheels can be seen as the result of our 4-year sponsorship with the Swiss Pro-Team IAM Cycling.Endless hours of testing and discussing with world-class riders and their mechanics brought us tons of valuable feedback which has flown into the development of the PRC 1400 SPLINE wheels. Improved carbon lay-up for precise & safe braking on long downhills, the perfect spokes combination for ideal stiffness and the most advanced hub technology for thousands of kilometers with low friction and outstanding quality are only a few points to mention.Go ahead and find out about the fruits of this unique partnership. Constantly improving each and every component of the wheels and working on all the small details our engineers managed to come up with a truly benchmarking performance wheelset.While keeping the weight of the wheelset at the same level, the inner rim width was increased to a modern 18 mm.What might seem to be minor adoptions to the hub results in an increase of 15 % rear wheel side stiffness and the optimized architecture of the carbon layers leads to a massive 20 % increase in heat resistance, making the rim brake versions extremely safe in long downhill sections.

Wheels our engineers searched for each and every potential of improving the overall performance of the wheels.A key target was to improve the stiffness-to-weight ratio, one of the most important factors of racing wheelsets.By increasing the flange distance as well as the spoke angle on the drive side of the hub this target could be reached. Options web api. Home · Products; WHEELS ROAD. Wheels Road. Filter. Filter. Close. Attributes. CROSS ROAD. View products. TRACK. View products. HYBRID ENDURANCE.DT Swiss PRC 1100 DICUT Carbon 35 Mon Chasseral Road 28" Laufradsatz. %. DT Swiss E 1900 SPLINE 30 Boost Disc Center Lock MTB 27,5" Laufradsatz.Factory Road Disc Wheels are factory built to meet the needs of todays disc brake road bikes. Whether on a gravel bike or road bike, factory road disc wheels are designed to meet rider demands and machine spec's.

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May 27, 2016 The DT Swiss RC 38 Spline wheels have been around for three or four years years now, with these disc brake clincher versions which were first released at the tail end of 2014 sitting pretty much.Of your energy that is brought to the road and that part is pretty big with DT Swiss Performance wheels. Disc Center Lock. WHEELS ROAD PerformanceGet the best deals on DT Swiss Carbon Fibre Wheels & Wheelsets for Road Racing. DT Swiss ARC 1100 Dicut 48mm Clincher Disc Brake 700c Road Bike Front Wheel. 7.24. W bester online brokerage. DT Swiss EX 471 Disc 29" Rim. from 50.41€ · DT Swiss PRC 1100 DICUT Carbon 35 Mon Chasseral Road 28" Wheelset. %.Buy the DT Swiss C 1800 Spline Wheel online or shop all from. Zipp 404 NSW Carbon Disc Brake Road Wheel - Tubeless.Buy DT Swiss at Bike24 ▻ Premium suspension systems and wheels for. suspension forks ✓ rear shocks ✓ wheels ✓ hubs ✓ rims ✓ spokes ✓ road bike ✓ MTB.

Dt swiss road disc wheels

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But after all that discussion of technical specs, how do the DT Swiss RC 38 Spline wheels perform out on the road?These wheels are genuine all-rounders, performing well whatever you ask them to do.The light rim weight means acceleration is good when climbing, and I didn’t have any problems with flex whether on steep ascents or sprinting out of corners. I was also impressed with the DT Swiss RC 38 Spline wheels’ performance under braking. At just 1,470g for the pair (670g front and 800g rear), these wheels manage to scrape under the magical 1,500g mark, which is something that cannot often be said of disc brake wheels with this depth of rim.And as for the rims themselves, they are also a very respectable weight for their depth, with DT Swiss claiming a rim weight of just 453g.However the rims on the DT Swiss RC 38 Spline wheels are certainly not the widest on the market, with 15mm internal and 21mm external widths.

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According to the manufacturer, the maximum width of tyre that you could safely run on these wheels is 35mm, which seems fine, but having a narrower rim will decrease the volume of air within the tyre at any given pressure, meaning a less comfortable ride.This means that there are better disc brake wheels out there if you’re looking to take in anything other than silky-smooth tarmac.Thankfully the DT Swiss RC 38 Spline wheels are right on trend with their tubeless-ready construction, making them a good option if you’re looking to make the transition across to tubeless tyres in order having to waste your time standing at the side of the road fixing punctures rather than enjoying a bike ride. However, they’re not quite as tubeless-ready as other wheels, as you’ll need to use the supplied rim tape to cover the spoke holes.The DT Swiss RC 38 Spline wheels take centrelock (rather than six-bolt) rotors, so watch out if you’re taking rotors from your existing bike or another wheelset as you can’t convert six-bolt rotors into centrelock.Fitting the front rotor is a little complicated due to the diameter of the axle, requiring a DT Swiss locking ring and a Hollowtech 2 bottom bracket tool, but nothing any moderately adept home mechanic shouldn’t be able to handle.